2nd level – Broker


Empower Your Agents

Beautiful marketing — automatically.

Each agent gets a personal website and brochures for each listing—instantly and automatically created from the information in your property listing.


Retain control.

All images, content, and branding are controlled—everything is branded for your agents. It’s all digital so all changes are automatically populated across all marketing materials.

Professional tools your agents will love.

Agents get powerful, easy to use networking tools. They can share, follow, tweet, and pin their listings—in multiple languages, with all leads coming back to them.


Our brokerage relies on Proxio Showcase to provide a beautiful website and e-brochure for each of our listings in multiple languages.

Ree Cole, Marketing Analyst for New Development, Coldwell Banker


Distinguish Your Brand

Market your properties your way.

Digital marketing materials automatically created from your listing information accommodate high-res photos, videos and 3-D virtual tours, to create an elegant, beautiful presence.


Capture more listings.

Upscale, multilingual materials impress buyers and provide unique advantage in listings presentations.

Sophisticated presentation.

Enhance your brokerage’s upscale brand through one multilingual, branded site for all your distinctive listings.


Proxio puts us toe-to-toe with the biggest firms in Florida, and really helps us even the playing field.

Maria Asteberg of McQuaid and Company


Get More Exposure

Networking that works.

Your agents easily share their listings with their personal network – all with their contact information, so they can track and get credit.


Social sharing built in.

With a single click make it easy for agents to follow, share, tweet, pin, or email a listing.

Multiple languages spoken here.

Listings are instantly translated into multiple languages and are promoted globally—reaching hard to find global buyers.


We’re able to reach a lot more foreign buyers from Canada, Europe and Central and South America who fall in love with a more leisurely and luxurious Southwest Florida lifestyle…For us, Proxio was the missing piece.

Maria Asteberg of McQuaid and Company


Know What’s Working

Track leads painlessly.

Track leads and know exactly where they are coming from, so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.


Get the details.

Track listing views, brochure downloads, follows, and shares – all by language, geography, and channel.

Gain insight for faster sales.

Better information leads to improved, targeted marketing and quicker sales.


Agents worldwide are viewing our listings and sharing them with their clients, giving us buyer leads which we can track by geography, language and channel.

Ree Cole, Marketing Analyst for New Development, Coldwell Banker