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Market and Sell Distinctive
Properties in a Powerful New Way

Proxio Showcase for Brokers

One easy-to-use, multilingual platform creates amazing digital marketing for every listing, empowers agents anywhere to promote listings more effectively, and provides instantaneous analytics on all activity.
Proxio increases your sales power, for broader reach and faster sales.


Accelerate Sales

Multiply and extend your marketing reach: digital collaboration magnifies your marketing messages and accelerates your sales


Distinguish Your Brand

Gain a competitive advantage and capture more listings—delight sellers and buyers with your upscale, multilingual presentation of listings


Empower Your Agents

Free marketing tools enable your agents to make better presentations, share listings through social media, and serve multilingual clients


Leverage Agents Worldwide

Motivated agents around the globe can easily promote your listings in their markets, exposing properties to new pools of buyers


Gain Market Insight

Knowledge is power ­− see exactly where your leads are coming from, gauge market interest, learn what’s working and identify new opportunities

Learn how Coldwell Banker uses Proxio to showcase properties worldwide

Bill Hunt, Co-owner, Master Franchise, Keller Williams Costa Rica

- Portland, Oregon

“I’ve been telling people for years that if they’re serious about international business, they have to be using Proxio. It’s so easy to build a global network, and being able to send potential buyers listing information in their native language is really rocking it. Clients really respond to Proxio’s global exposure and translation tools. They get it."