Home Builder Case Study


An Enterprise-Grade Sales and Marketing Platform for Global Selling

Client Needs:

Reach Foreign Buyers
This prominent home builder wanted to develop its international buyer base, and it needed a powerful, mobile-ready platform it could use to appeal to potential buyers across the world.

Communicate in Multiple Languages
The client was looking for a robust, enterprise-level system that could seamlessly handle multiple language translations and currency conversions.

Connect with Agents
The home builder wanted a communication platform that would connect its current network of agents and brokers, with the option to open the network to other agents down the line.

Control Marketing Materials
The client needed marketing materials that could be used all over the world, in multiple languages, with messaging and branding that was 100% under its control.

The Proxio Solution:

Proxio worked with this leading home builder to create a proprietary sales and marketing platform for 50 of its U.S. communities, available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese.

The home builder could easily manage and market its entire portfolio in one unified location. The client could add any file type, including high-resolution photos, 3D virtual tours, videos, architectural renderings, floor plans, market studies, and PDF documents. Any change made to the marketing materials was immediately populated throughout the system to all its connected agents, ensuring that inventory was always accurate and presented to spec.

Initially, the client limited its portfolio to its existing network of agents. But with the confidence of knowing its materials were accurately translated and always up to date, the home builder opened its portfolio to Proxio’s entire international network of agents.

With the beautifully formatted websites Proxio generated for the agents, they could easily promote and share property information to their personal networks via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, with full confidence that all leads would be tracked and credited to them.

Using Proxio’s back-end analytics solution, the home builder gained detailed insight into all activity on the platform. The client could track leads, property views, and brochure downloads, as well as view followers by location, language, and marketing channel. This enabled the client to focus marketing activities on the areas generating the most interest.

Customer Success:

  • Over 10,000 agents have promoted the properties worldwide, generating over 300,000 property views, with leads coming from over 30 countries.

  • The home builder hired a dedicated National Sales Manager to process all the Proxio leads.

  • After seeing success with their initial 50 developments on the Proxio platform, the home builder added 40 additional communities within 8 months of launching the service.