ProxioPro 2 Beta Available for Early Access

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ProxioPro 2 Beta Available for Early Access

Proxio is excited to announce the widely anticipated beta release of ProxioPro 2. While ProxioPro 2 retains its core value of being the best place for agents and brokers to market themselves and promote their listings to a local and global market, it also brings a wide range of enhancements to this next-generation platform.

ProxioPro 2 was redesigned from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of our customers all over the world. Below is a quick overview of the changes in ProxioPro 2.

If you would like to become part of the Early Access group, please send an email to: [email protected]

Sleek, New User Interface

ProxioPro 2 boasts a completely updated and mobile-friendly user interface (UI) that makes it easier for agents to quickly connect with other agents and communicate with their professional global network.

For guidance on how to use ProxioPro 2, users can simply click on any of the colored action buttons featured under the blue tab at the top.

Modern UI


Mobile Responsive

More buyers now search for real estate on mobile devices than on desktops, and most agents use mobile devices to operate at least some of their business activities. Proxio has responded to this shift by optimizing ProxioPro 2 for use on any smartphone or tablet.

Enhanced Newsfeed

One of the most widely used features of ProxioPro is the message board/newsfeed, where agents communicate with each other.

In ProxioPro 2, the Newsfeed is more prominently featured on the homepage which makes communicating with other agents even easier. Agents can use the Newsfeed to market themselves and their listings to agents all over the world, with both text messages and property images. Posting to the newsfeed is done through the Marketing Kit, mentioned below.

Newly Added “Marketing Kit”

A Marketing Kit has been added to ProxioPro 2 as a cornerstone of digital agent marketing. It was patterned after the hugely successful Sales Kit in Proxio Showcase™.  The Marketing Kit allows agents and brokers to easily send emails, marketing flyers and other communications with a few simple clicks. The Beta has simple functionality, but subsequent releases will add additional functionality, partially based on feedback from agents using the Beta release.

Marketing Kit

Public Agent Profiles and Listing Improvements

In ProxioPro 2, agent profiles have been updated and expanded to include tags for specialties, the ability to list more languages spoken, a map for your office location, and a space to add a personal video.

The new profiles and listing detail pages also now include consumer-ready versions with individual URLs. This means you can share your professional profile and your listings with anyone around the world in a beautiful digital format by simply copying and sharing the unique link.

As agents come in and start using ProxioPro 2, they are encouraged to review their profiles to make sure everything is up to date, since the profiles will gain in importance with the latest release.

Join the Early Access Group

Proxio is eager to receive comments and suggestions from agents and brokers as we continue to develop ProxioPro 2. We are committed to evolving our product to better allow agents to build professional networks and serve clients, both locally and globally.


If you have any suggestions or questions, please email us.

Product Feedback: [email protected]

Customer Support: [email protected]

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