The top 3 Things You Can Do to Rock 2017

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Our Top 3 Things You Can Do to Rock 2017.

See Our Top Things You Can Do to Rock 2017

I don’t know about you, but I always get energized this time of year. The holidays are behind me, my year-end planning is done, and it’s time to hit the ground running in 2017. If you’re like me, you’ve probably identified some things you can start doing TODAY that will help you achieve your 2017 goals.

I’ve identified three things I believe can have a huge impact for your real estate business in the new year.

GO GLOBAL!  You have heard me say this before, but real estate has become a global business. Global is the new local. Consider that over $100 billion was spent on real estate in the U.S. by foreign buyers according to the N.A.R. 2016 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential  Real Estate survey. Furthermore, Americans are retiring abroad in record numbers. There is similar real estate migration happening all over the world, and, multicultural buyers are prevalent just about everywhere in our country.

All this points to the need to have a strategy and sales platform that allows you to connect to global agents and their buyers. If you are able to plug into the global network of agents, you will have a distinct advantage over your competitors that have not embraced the concept of a global, connected, real estate industry.

GO DIGITAL!  Analog communication is out, digital sharing is in. It’s that simple. Extensive visual presentations are now mandatory, and online collaboration has changed the landscape. There is a huge gap between your marketing efforts and your CRM that can only be filled digitally.

One of the many benefits of this new digital sharing world is that everything is trackable. Imagine being able to expand your footprint beyond your market. What if you could also see what is going on hundreds if not thousands of miles away from that property you are trying to sell to someone on the other side of the country or, even the world?

While your competition is guessing, if you go digital, you will run circles around them!

GO RECRUIT!  This seems to be a common goal every year but this year is different based on the global and digital comments I made above. We have a drastically changing landscape and agents begging for change. They also want to work somewhere that gives them the best possibility to succeed.

If you agree that you must go global and go digital, then you must go recruit because you will be able to show those agents how much better off they will be with someone who “gets” the new marketplace and is going to help them succeed where others can’t.

Go ROCK 2017!


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