Technology, Agent Adoption, and ROI (Part Two)

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Which Technology Platforms are Essential to Running Your Brokerage in 2017?

Technology, agent adoption, and ROI

Technology, Brokerage Adoption, and ROI (Part Two).

Last week, we discussed how one of my large clients told me that in order to justify adding a new technology platform, he had to review what he already has. This week, we’re going to look at what role each of these platforms has on your brokerage, and what you might do differently to create a better ROI in 2017.

Here are some of the platforms we reviewed, and what we discovered:

  • MLS (often multiple)
    The MLS is essential to doing business locally, but there are opportunities (like Proxio) to extend your reach to out of area buyers.
  • Corporate Intranet
    If you have a company intranet, you’re probably getting good use out of it. If it’s outdated, you may be able to get by with other solutions, such as document sharing.
  • Corporate Website
    If you haven’t done a facelift on your website in the past 3-4 years, it probably needs one. Adding new developments and new homes, as well as luxury homes to your mix can extend your income, and you can easily do this with Proxio’s sales platform.
  • Agent Websites
    It’s hard to imagine your agents not having their own websites, but you could get new agents up and running with their own Proxio Showcase website on day one.
  • E-Mail with Cloud Storage/Remote Access
    For record keeping, this is essential in a paperless office, but you might want to do a review with today’s options. You might want to add compliance software to make sure your archived records are audit-proof.
  • Contact Management/CRM
    Having all of your information in one place is important, along with cloud backup systems, but the end of the year is a great time to make sure you and your team are inputting new info on a regular basis.
  • Enhancements to Listing Syndication
    Listing syndication sounds good on paper but often has big limitations. Proxio can put your listings in the hands of buyers’ agents locally and globally at a fraction of the cost, going well beyond syndication.
  • Listing Syndication Management
    This can be a pricey investment, especially if you don’t know how effective your syndication efforts are.
  • Lead Management
    Lead management is critical, but you need to have a robust system to make it worthwhile. Proxio’s sales platform has built-in lead management, and it shows you where every Proxio lead is coming from.
  • eMarketing
    Make no mistake – emarketing is expensive. Proxio creates a complete digital marketing package for each listing, all branded to the agent and the brokerage. This can be a real money saver.
  • Market Reports and Statistics
    Being the local market expert is important, but so many agents are doing this. What can you do to differentiate yourself? Proxio provides a complete analytics package with every Proxio Showcase broker package.
  • CMA
    Yes, everyone wants to know what their home is worth. But how can you add a compelling value story? It’s time to take a completely new look at the way you present market materials.
  • Marketing
    Analog marketing is expensive. Digital marketing is where it’s at. Proxio creates a complete digital marketing package for each listing with local and global reach, meaning you can cut back significantly on your print marketing expenses.
  • Financial
    It’s hard to imagine not having financial systems in place, but determining the ROI should be part of your financial reporting so you can make the best decisions.
  • Franchisor Reporting
    If you own a franchise, you know that you need this to be in compliance with most franchise agreements.
  • Showing Appointments
    You should challenge your brokerage to create the best showing appointments available. Proxio’s digital platform can add real differentiation. Sellers love the added exposure you give them with Proxio, and buyers love to view digital materials.
  • Social Media Management
    With Proxio, you can easily share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest in a few clicks, with all leads coming back to you. This means that all your social media posts have a sales lead element to them, which is critical to improving your ROI.

Wow! That’s was a lot of stuff to go over, wasn’t it?

My goal is to get you to review your technology investments in 2016/17:

  • Which platforms do you absolutely need to run your business?
  • Which platforms are “nice to have” versus “have to have”?
  • Which platforms lead directly to sales?
  • Which platforms could be combined by choosing a vendor that offers more of a “one-stop” shop?
  • Which platforms are better left to agents to purchase on their own?

After our review, my client found that he could leverage the Proxio sales platform to replace certain technologies and really help his ROI. He discovered he could have better exposure for his listings using more digital marketing, he could save a ton of money on printing and syndication costs, and he could see where his leads were coming from. Let’s schedule a short demo so you can see how the Proxio sales platform helps you create a faster and more cost-effective sales process for your brokerage.

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